Lincoln Regional AIRFEST

Will seating be provided?

No, except for purchased ($20 per seat) shade tent area. AirFest attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

Will there be preferred parking?

Yes. Preferred parking is available for a $15 fee, purchased at least three days before the event via the web site. See the Ticket section of this web site for details.


Will there be entertainment for the kids?

Yes. The Youth Aerospace Expo.   Fun and learning for youngsters (and adults). Interactive experiments, U-2 space suits, flight simulators. No cost for the Expo. Saturday from 9:00 AM through 3:00 PM.


Can my kids bring their bike or skateboard?

No. Bicycles and skateboards will not be allowed on AirFest Grounds. Wagons and strollers are allowed.

Can I fly my own airplane in to the AirFest?

There will be a FAA Airfield Waiver in place from 9:00 AM Saturday through 4:00 PM Saturday. 


Can I bring beer, soda, or food into the AirFest grounds?

No. Food or drinks are not allowed into the AirFest grounds. Parents of small children will be allowed to bring in water for formula and special food for small children with allergies. There are many food vendors available at the show.


Can I bring coolers into the AirFest grounds?

No. Coolers are not permitted on AirFest grounds.


Is there a Preferred Seating Area?

Yes. See Ticket tab


Is smoking allowed?

No. For safety reasons, smoking will not be allowed anywhere on the Airport grounds.


Are credit cards accepted at the gate?

Yes. We will have credit card machines at all ticket booths. Also, ATM machines will be located on air show grounds.


Can I leave and re-enter the AirFest grounds?

Yes. We will have security at entry/exit gates using stamps to allow re-entry on the same day.


Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed on the AirFest grounds and pets will not be allowed in any vehicles in the parking lots. (Exception: service animals)


Are cameras allowed?

Yes. We encourage you to bring your camera.


What are the entry restrictions?

Patrons’ bags may be searched upon entering the ticket gates. Please be aware that, similar to an airport terminal, you should not leave your bags unattended.


What happens if it rains or I am unable to attend after I purchase a ticket?

Our policy is that no refunds will be issued.


Should I bring hearing protection?

Yes. We would encourage you to bring ear protection.


Is vehicle tailgating allowed in the parking area?

No. Tailgating is not allowed in the parking lots. The RV Park is available for tailgating if purchasing an RV Lot Pass.